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150gGrilled eggplant with sheep cheese and garlic bread158 Kč7
70gGrilled goat cheese with apples, walnuts, honey, baguette with herb179 Kč1,7,8
70gFried Hermelín cheese triangles, lettuce salad with walnuts homemade plum chutney and grilled toast138 Kč1,3,7,8
330mlBeef broth with meat and noodles50 Kč1,3,9
330mlGarlic soup with ham, cheese and roasted bread50 Kč1,3,7
330mlGarlic soup with ham, Olomouc curd cheese and roasted bread61 Kč1,3,7
330mlLachian cabbage soap with sausage50 Kč1,7
Chef's specialities
200gChicken breast stuffed with Parmesan cheese, baked with herbs and tomatoes, bacon, and roasted potatoes263 Kč1,7
200gPork tenderloin with garlic, wrapped in parma ham and mashed potatoes304 Kč1,7,10
250gBeef steak with baked potatoes, cream-pepper sauce433 Kč1,9,10
200gSalmon steak filled by dry tomatoes with fresh spinach with herb baguette342 Kč1,4,6,7,8,10,11
250gSliced duck breast with grilled zucchini, roasted potatoes, homemade plum chutney270 Kč1,7
400gLamb knee on vegetable with mashed potatoes346 Kč1,7
Ready meals
150gPork shoulder, cabbage, dumplings189 Kč1,3,7
150gSirloin in cream sauce, dumplings199 Kč1,3,7,9,10
200gHalušky - potato dumplings with bryndza and bacon168 Kč1,3,7
200gRoasted duck leg, cabbage, potato dumplings291 Kč1,3,7,10
220gSmoked pork with mashed potatos with cabbage and onion168 Kč1,3,7
200gChicken steak with herb butter and french fries250 Kč1,7,9,10
150gChicken schnitzel with boiled potatoes183 Kč1,3,7
200gChicken steak in spicy batter with almonds and raisins, vegetable salad with basil dresing and baguette263 Kč1,3,6,7,8,10,11
200gRoasted duck leg with apples, almonds and boiled potatoes291 Kč1,7,8,9,10
150gChicken strips with potato pancake and cheese230 Kč1,3
150gPork schnitzel with boiled potatoes183 Kč1,3,7
200gPork medallions with grilled cabbage, prosciutto and mozarella cheese, boiled potatoes with butter292 Kč1,7,9,10
250gGrilled pork steak with poached egg, green beans, with bacon and crispy onion285 Kč1,3
150gPork mixture in potato pancake222 Kč1,7,9,12
200gPork steak with garlic and dark beer, homemade baked potatoes253 Kč1,7,9,10
150gSteak tartare, roasted bread331 Kč1,3,10
200gBeff medallions with mushrooms, mashed potatos385 Kč7,9,10
250gBeef sirloin steak with vegetable and corn, baguette423 Kč7,9,10
200gZander fillet with butter, almonds and carrot, baguette321 Kč1,3,4,7
300gTrout with butter, toast270 Kč1,3,4,7
200gSalmon with basil pesto and almonds, boiled potatoes321 Kč1,4,7
Vegetarian meal
150gFried cheese with french fries183 Kč1,3,7
150gFilled baked mushrooms, roasted potatoes219 Kč3,7
400gBaked potatoes with grilled vegetable and cheese280 Kč7
150gFried Slovakia cheese, chilli sauce and baked potatoes234 Kč3,7
180gGrilled Hermelín cheese, baked potatoes, plum chutney209 Kč7
Kids meal
75gChicken schnitzel, boiled potatoes, fruit compote136 Kč1,3,7
75gFried cheese, french fries, tartar sauce136 Kč1,3,7
160gPotatoe dumplings filled with blueberries, on top butter and sugar136 Kč1,7
75gChicken steak, french fries136 Kč3,7
75gSirloin in cream sauce, dumplings136 Kč1,3,7,9,10
Beer snacks
150gChicken leg steak marinated in beer with toast192 Kč1,3,7
200gFrench fries with ketchup or majonese70 Kč1,3,7
80gFreshly roasted almonds90 Kč
200gFried onion rings with chili sauce101 Kč
200gHomemade potato pancakes with sauerkraut and smoke meat179 Kč1,3
700gHot chicken "Buffalo Wings" with roasted bread213 Kč1,10
100gOlomouc curd cheese pieces with cumin and roasted bread142 Kč1,7
100gPickled Hermelín cheese with roasted onion, bread141 Kč7
200gPork neck with mustard, horseradish, vegetables and garlic baguette260 Kč1,6,7,9,10,11
75gRoasted bread with chicken and cheese121 Kč1,7,9,10
75gRoasted bread with pork, mashrooms and cheese121 Kč1,7,9,10
150gRoasted Hermelín cheese in puff pastry189 Kč1,3,7
Side dishes
200gBoiled potatoes with butter46 Kč7
150gCabbage with horseradish49 Kč
70gChilli sauce27 Kč3
150gDumplings39 Kč1,3
200gFrench fries50 Kč1
200gFried croquettes50 Kč1
200gFried potatoes55 Kč
200gGrilled vegetables128 Kč
1ksHerb or garlic baguette40 Kč1,6,7,10
70gKetchup27 Kč
200gMashed potato tart50 Kč
70gPepper sauce40 Kč7
70gPickle29 Kč
200gPotato wedges50 Kč
120gStrawberry compote39 Kč
70gTartar sauce27 Kč3
300gBalkan salad with red onion139 Kč7
300gGrilled vegetable with herbs and goat cheese213 Kč7
300gSalad from grilled salmon, mixed lettucce250 Kč4,10
350gTorn lettuce leaves with cherry tomatoes, lemon-honey sauce, pieces of chicken and garlics croutons213 Kč1,10
100gMarlenka - a classic honey cake48 Kč1,3,6,7,8
100gMarlenka - cocoa honey cake48 Kč1,3,6,7,8
2ksPancake with parisian whipped cream and hot raspberries110 Kč1,3,7
2ksPancakes with chocolate cream with whipped cream80 Kč1,3,7
2ksPancakes with vanilla ice cream, strawberry cream and homemade whipped cream91 Kč1,3,7
1ksSouffles with ice cream, homemade whipped cream and cranberries98 Kč1,3,7
Ice cream
1ksHot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and parisian whipped cream97 Kč7
1ksIce cream with peaches and whippet cream74 Kč7
1ksIce cream, strawberries and whipped cream77 Kč7
1ksVanilla ice cream with Baileys, grated chocolate, whipped cream95 Kč7
1ksVanilla ice cream, grated chocolate, whipped cream70 Kč7
90gBertyčky mix30 Kč1,7
90gCheese chopsticks30 Kč1,7
1ksChewing gums Orbit28 Kč6
100gGarlic chips37 Kč
100gMustard chips37 Kč
50gOnion rings36 Kč1
100gPeanuts30 Kč8
111gSalt chips37 Kč