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Sale of draft wines

  • Bottled and cask Moravian wines (9 types are always available)
  • Balkan wines - Croatian, Bulgarian, Moldovan, Romanian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Greek, Georgian and Armenian
  • Slovak wines and wines from Bohemia from the Litoměřice winery
  • Sparkling wines - sparkling wines, Tokaj wines, port wines, branded fruit wines, Russian kvass
  • Beers from regional Czech and Moravian breweries and microbreweries in bottles and kegs
  • World beers in bottles and cans, wide selection of British and Belgian beers
  • Beers from the countries of the former Eastern Bloc - Slovak, Polish, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Beer and wine supplies, accessories, gifts and souvenirs, beer cosmetics
  • Lindr tap technology, tappers, cooling equipment, taps, hoses, quick couplings
  • Hookahs, tobacco, coals and accessories, cigars
  • Cheeses from Slovakian farms, Parmesan, long-lasting cheeses
  • Delicates for wine and beer - olives, pepperoni, salty treats, nuts, pickled vegetables and fruits, onion rings
  • Filling 5l kegs of beer from the current offer of Czech or Moravian breweries
  • Rental of tap equipment, barrels and accessories, garden sets (bench and table), hookahs
  • Beer and wine standby - sale of beer in whole kegs and wine in PET bottles according to the current offer even outside opening hours 24 hours a day
  • Seating for wine and beer tasting
  • Loyalty program, gift vouchers, volume discounts

You can buy everything in our e-shop, or in a brick-and-mortar store located near Restaurace U Čápa.